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Leasing for Businesses with Bad Credit

Lease Not Buy Offers Solutions for Bad-Credit Business Vehicle Leasing. We cater to all businesses with different credit histories that want to lease commercial cars or vans. We can help your company secure the most cost-efficient financing lease option for the vehicle you want, even if your business has no credit score or poor credit history. Contact our car leasing specialists today.

Can I get a Business Car Lease with Bad Credit?

Lease Not Buy will help your company secure a business vehicle lease with poor or bad credit. For example, your low business credit score may have been affected by your firm’s previously missed or late loan payments, and lenders may want to impose extra conditions on the lease, which we can help you meet. Lease Not Buy will work with our lenders to recommend only payment options based on what your company can afford, lessening the risk of being over budget or of over-extension.

Let us know your bad-credit situation from the start so that we can take this into account when we help you crunch the numbers and look for affordable finance agreements for your business. Lease Not Buy does not deal with sub-prime lending, but we will instead assist you in securing agreements with mainstream lenders who can offer viable financing based on your company’s budget and needs.

Our leasing experts will be happy to explore practical leasing solutions to get you the right commercial car or van your company needs at the best market price, regardless of your poor credit situation. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have more questions about the requirements for business leasing with bad credit and how you can improve your business credit to help with your application.

24 Hour Vehicle Lease Financing Approval

Lease Not Buy  will recommend the right low-risk leasing finance option for your business needs, so you don’t have to put people or work on hold.

Car Leasing Credit Check Requirement

When you want to lease a commercial vehicle or car for your company, you will have to go through a business credit check as part of the car leasing company requirements mandated by the FCA. Your business credit history and rating give an indication of your company’s creditworthiness, however these are not the only indicators we will use to assess if you can manage the monthly payments for your commercial van or car lease. Whatever a company's credit history, in the majority of cases we can help you find ways to secure vehicle leasing.

The business credit reports show your firm’s financial history, such as previous credit limits, loan amounts, mortgages, and bad debts. These are some factors that contribute to your company’s credit score. Lenders may also ask for the credit histories of the company directors, sole trader or partners.

You will be asked for your personal credit history if you’re a sole trader looking to finance a commercial vehicle lease.

Helping Businesses to Lease Vehicles

There are other things apart from poor credit history, which can prevent a business from being able to lease. For example, if a company’s directors are financially weak or its business has reached its credit limit with a lender. Contact Lease Not Buy to find suitable car finance leasing options for you.

We will always recommend the best course of action for companies in different credit situations like start-ups and new businesses with no credit history. Many of our satisfied clients include companies with financially weak directors, as well as sole traders and small businesses which may also have poor credit or low net worth. Make your appointment here.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Self-employed Sole Traders
    • Limited Companies, Private Limited Companies (PLC’s) and Limited Liability Partnerships
    • A Partnership with 2 or more partners
    • VAT-Registered companies
    • Local Authorities, embassies, charities
    Yes, it’s possible. Lease Not Buy can facilitate your company in securing a business car lease even with poor or bad credit. We can help you meet any extra conditions lenders may have. Contact our finance team to discuss your options.
    You can still lease a car if you have hit your credit limit with a lender. Lease Not Buy can connect you with other mainstream lenders to get you the approval you need for your car or commercial vehicle lease.

    You can lease any car or van you want as long as you can meet the monthly payments required. Different vehicles may also require different credit ratings. It’s best to explore your options with Lease Not Buy specialists to find the vehicle best suited to your business budget and needs.

    Lenders may offer a higher interest rate for your monthly payments if your credit score is lower than the required rating for the car you want to lease.

    Yes, it's a requirement for us as a FCA regulated company. When you apply for a business car or van lease, Lease Not Buy will ask for your credit history from one of the certified credit reference agencies (CRAs) in the UK, as part of the vehicle lease requirements. Or you may contact a CRA yourself and submit the report to us.

    No company can guarantee acceptance of your lease application, especially if your credit score is poor. Our acceptance rate is high and it is more than likely that we can help you. What we can guarantee is that our specialists will work hard with you to ensure the right documents like credit reports, etc., are submitted. We can also highlight your business growth projections in support of your applications and recommend finance options that work for both the lenders and your company.