Vehicle Leasing for Businesses with Financially Weak Directors

Lease Not Buy Helps Remove Credit Roadblocks.

Lease Not Buy helps businesses clear any credit obstacles and smooths the way to successful vehicle lease financing. Our experienced experts are here to advise and work out practical leasing solutions for companies with financially weak directors, as well as business owners or self-employed people with poor credit.

Leasing for Businesses Whose Owners Have Poor Credit

Lenders may ask for the personal credit histories of your company directors when you submit your business loan application. These reports may help them build up an overall idea of the companies’ creditworthiness. If you are a business owner, you may also be asked for the same credit check if you want to lease a commercial car or van for your firm.

Whether your company directors are financially weak or the business owner has a poor personal credit history, Lease Not Buy can work with you to sort through the business car leasing requirements to remove any barriers on the road to securing funding.

24 Hour Vehicle Lease Financing Approval

Lease Not Buy  will recommend the right low-risk leasing finance option for your business needs, so you don’t have to put people or work on hold.

Help for the Self-Employed with Poor Credit

Our Lease Not Buy vehicle leasing service also extends to the self-employed with poor credit histories. If you run your own business and are self-employed, you are eligible to lease a car or van through a business contract as a sole trader. You will need to go through a personal credit check similar to someone applying for personal leasing.

Don’t let your poor credit score hold you back! If you are unsure of your car lease financing options because you are a self-employed sole trader with a poor credit score,

contact our specialists at Lease Not Buy for help. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and discuss feasible business lease-funding routes that you can take.

Is My Company Eligible for Leasing?

It is possible for start-ups and established companies like sole traders and small businesses with a low net worth as well as those who have hit their credit limit, to find the right vehicle lease at Lease Not Buy. Read our FAQ below and call our team today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Self-employed Sole Traders
  • Limited Companies, Private Limited Companies (PLC’s) and Limited Liability Partnerships
  • A Partnership with 2 or more partners
  • VAT-Registered companies
  • Local Authorities, embassies, charities
Yes, it’s possible. Lease Not Buy can facilitate your company in securing a business car lease even with poor or bad credit. We can help you meet any extra conditions lenders may have. Contact our finance team to discuss your options.
You can still lease a car if you have hit your credit limit with a lender. Lease Not Buy can connect you with other mainstream lenders to get you the approval you need for your car or commercial vehicle lease.

Yes, self-employed workers can qualify for a business car lease. If you run your own business and are self-employed, you can lease a car or van as a sole trader. You will need to supply a personal credit report and 3 months’ banking statements.

You can lease any car or van you want as long as you can meet the monthly payments required. Different vehicles may also require different credit ratings. It’s best to explore your options with Lease Not Buy specialists to find the vehicle best suited to your business budget and needs.

Lenders may offer a higher interest rate for your monthly payments if your credit score is lower than the required rating for the car you want to lease.

Yes, it's a requirement for us as a FCA regulated company. When you apply for a business car or van lease, Lease Not Buy will ask for your credit history from one of the certified credit reference agencies (CRAs) in the UK, as part of the vehicle lease requirements. Or you may contact a CRA yourself and submit the report to us.

No company can guarantee acceptance of your lease application, especially if your credit score is poor. Our acceptance rate is high and it is more than likely that we can help you. What we can guarantee is that our specialists will work hard with you to ensure the right documents like credit reports, etc., are submitted. We can also highlight your business growth projections in support of your applications and recommend finance options that work for both the lenders and your company.