Lease Not Buy is open for business and delivering vehicles, with special discounts for NHS staff.

No Deposit Car Leasing

Lease a car with no initial payment, the first monthly payment is the rental fee for that month.
Most car leasing deals have initial payments of 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months. It was often not possible to get a lease contract without a big down-payment. With some leasing companies this is still the case. It also used to be that a low initial payment would mean that the price of the entire lease contract would be significantly higher. This is no longer the case. With a Zero Deposit lease from Lease Not Buy your monthly payments will of course be higher, because the total lease cost is spread evenly over the contract length. However, the difference in the overall fee you will have to pay for the car over the entire term will be very small, when compared with a lease contract with a big initial payment.

Zero Deposit Car Leasing

Access to leasing for more people with a zero deposit car lease.
  • Drive a newer car
  • Get a fast lease approval
  • Contribute with cleaner engines
  • Enjoy the latest technology
  • No more M.O.T.
  • Low running costs
  • No depreciation
  • Part-exchange your old car
  • Maintenance packages available

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