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Lease or finance lease vehicles for a new business. Lease Not Buy is run by experienced business-people who know the difficulties that companies at all stages of development face. One of those difficulties is how to finance assets like car or van fleets when you have little accounts or credit history. We see the mutual value in helping you grow your business and can help you finance your vehicle fleet. We don’t see value in sub-prime lending and will instead help you reach agreements with mainstream lenders.

Leasing Vehicles for a New Business

More and more businesses are taking advantage of leasing to build their fleets. Leasing can limit the problem of depreciating assets. With smaller initial outlays your business can free up cash for other things. Your vehicle fleet will be newer and cost-saving because continually upgraded.

Leasing for Established Businesses with Credit Limitations

There are other things which can prevent a business being able to lease. For example, if a company’s directors are financially weak. Or if the business is simply small and has hit limits with other lenders. If you’ve run into a credit roadblock we can help you reach new lenders and find leasing options that work for both parties.

Finance Lease

A finance lease is a great way to lease productive economic assets like vans and other commercial vehicles. The lease terms are usually longer. There’s little to no deposit to pay and no mileage restrictions. The asset also goes onto the company balance sheet even though the vehicle is legally owned by the lender. There is a balloon at the end of the lease, but you will have the option to either keep the use of the vehicle via a new rental agreement, sell it on behalf of the lender, or pay the balloon and return it.

Operating Lease or Contract Hire

The lowest risk option for a new business is to simply lease cars or vans. With no depreciation concerns and no responsibility for a final balloon payment everything is clear from the start and after the initial deposit, for which there are option, the monthly payments are the only thing to take care of. One drawback can be that you have a concern to stick within agreed mileage terms, so you need to consider the use of each vehicle carefully before deciding between a finance lease or contract hire.

Short Term Lease

3,6 or 12 months lease terms for businesses. If you need to meet seasonal demands or for other reasons your business would be best served by a short term lease we can help you lease cars or vans for just a few months.

24 Hour Approval

We can help you make the right application and then submit for quick approval so you don’t have to put people or work on hold.

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